In our Goldsmith-studio in Karlsruhe we create handmade jewelery of precious metals in combination with precious stones and jewels.
Whether rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or wedding rings - we always try to create a unique, distinctive piece of jewelry.

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Goldsmith-studio ENA GOLD

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Our own brand "bgm Jewellery" stands for individual, handmade jewellery

Whether in everyday life or for a certain occasion, the special works are precisely tailored to you. Bgm Jewellery is handmade jewelry according to your needs and your tastes. It's your favorite piece that reflects your personality. So original like you is also the jewelry in silver or gold, with or without precious stones, leather or silk ribbons. Rejoice at your own, absolutely unique ornament!

In skillful handwork Begüm Senozan produces every piece by herself - from the first sketch to the finished piece of jewelery. Only in this way the jewelry gets the personality, that defines bgm Jewellery and makes it so unique.

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